Miscellaneous Video Library

Occasionally, the club has the opportunity to capture some special events in a format other than still photography. In these cases, the video media is presented here so it can be shared with the club and general viewing public.

Please take a look at our club sharing some special moments.

March 2024
2024 East Ohio Regional Banquet

Brought to you by:
Mike Koporc
Sue Schultz

Check out all the great photos in this 19m 42s video slideshow presentation. The video features many scenes from throughout the 2023 season. Enjoy!

November 2022
COOL 58 Corvette

The Tom Gaspar Interviews - COOL 58 Corvette

Tom goes in depth with Dennis.

July 31st 2022
Annual Corsa Car Show

Club videographer Tom Gasper has brought the Corsa Performance show back to YouTube!

Take a moment (actually 4 minutes and 35 seconds) to experience the excitement of one of the largest and most successful shows hosted by Corvette Cleveland.

April 1st through April 3rd 2022
Piston Powered Auto-Rama

Corvette Cleveland had another amazing presence at the Piston Power Auto-Rama in 2022. Aside from the fabulous cars, our club once again took the 1st Place Award for Best Club Display.

October 2021
Presentation of a 'Year in Review'

We're Baaack! 2021 saw Corvette Cleveland return after missing almost a full year of Corvette action due to COVID-19.

Check out this presentation that reviews the activities of the year, including our privilege to host the 2021 NCCC National Convention.

July 28th 2013
11th Annual Corsa Car Show

This is our Corsa Performance car show. Since 2003, Corvette Cleveland has been nurturing a close alliance with this company. And they have helped us support one of our most cherished causes - Ohio Guidestone.

In 2013, the C7 generation of Corvette burst on the scene. The radically redesigned machine captured the curiosity of all Corvette enthusiasts. It was our honor to have the as yet unseen design presented at Corsa as the first showing in the Cleveland area.

Club member Berry Pinney (our NCM Ambassador), was kind enough to get the Corvette Exterior Design Manager for the C7, Kirk Bennion, to bring HIS new 2014 Corvette to our show!

July 28th 2013
11th Annual Corsa Car Show - Arial View

Who needs drones! In 2013, we had a helicopter taking video of our Corsa Performance show!

As the Corvettes were joining the scene at Corsa, we were proud to have such great attention and downright 'cool' video. How many other clubs can claim that?!