Corvette Cleveland

We joined for the car, we stay for the people Corvette Club

Corvette Cleveland was established in 1957 by a small group of Corvette enthusiasts. Guys looking to connect with other individuals who shared an excitement over a growing American sports car phenomenon. Little did they know they were starting one of the first Corvette clubs in the country.

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Cars, Museums and Rock & Roll Connections


The undeniable Rock Star of the American sports car scene, Corvette is responsible for much more than providing us with the ultimate driving machine. Our club has forged a relationship between members, their cars and the automotive community.

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We are proud of our city and proud to serve its communities by sharing our cars, our time and our passion for Corvette in order to brighten the day of other enthusiasts. Corvette Cleveland supports many events around the city and surrounding suburbs.

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From the Rock Hall to the Hall that rocks the car we love to drive there are 458 miles. Corvette Cleveland members have traversed this stretch of highway many times, both individually and as a club. Experiencing the National Corvette Museum and all it has to offer should be on the itinerary of any road trip.

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