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20 11

              10-Dec -11 Xmas & Awards Party

                           Oct-11 CC At The Museum

                 22-Oct-11 Mystery Dinner Cruise

                            09 -Oct-11 Geauga AutoX

                                    01 -Oct-11 Clam Bake

               29-Sep-11 Piston Power Car Show

                         14-Sep-11 Business Meeting

                            13-Sep-11 Solon Car Show

        4&5-Sep-11 WV AutoX And Car Show

  22-Aug-11 Huntington Woods Rehab Visit

                                      13-Aug-11 WV AutoX

                    13-Aug-11 Put In Bay Excursion

                          31 -Jul-11 Corvettes At Corsa

                               23-July-11 Mystery Dinner

                       17-July-11 Tim Lally Car Show

             04-July-11 Chippewa Lake Parade

                 22 -June-11 Bullies Real BBQ Social

                                        20 -June-11 Tinley Park

                     12-June-11 Mongoose Car Show

                              04 -June-11 Lakeland AutoX

                            31-May-11 Corvettes At Solon

                      30 -May-11 Sandusky Speedway

                   18-May-11 Hoof And Ladder Diner

                                    14-May-11 Lodi Car Show

                 01-May-11 Freeway Lanes Bowling

    17-Apr-11 Progressive Chevrolet Car Show

                    09-Apr-11 Rivers Casino Excursion

                    24-Mar-11 Little Polish Diner Social





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