NCCC's Future Corvette Owners Association (FCOA)   



Corvette Cleveland currently has 44 FCOA members (largest in East Ohio Region), including some 2nd generation members!  CC Kids attend many events with their parents (& grandparents), helping clean and cheering mom & dad on! 

WHAT IS FCOA? Since 1991 FUTURE CORVETTE OWNERS ASSOCIATION has been the youth organization of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), the largest non-profit Corvette organization in the United States. A unique "Corvette Club for kids", it has Mid America Designs as its main sponsor. FCOA projects are also supported by other major automotive-related businesses. Its mission is to instill and then maintain an interest in the Corvette hobby within the younger generation.

WHY IS FCOA IMPORTANT? By creating excitement about our favorite car, hopefully FCOA members will go on to be active NCCC members. This is the generation that is the Corvette enthusiast of NCCC's future!

WHO CAN JOIN FCOA? Membership is open to the younger family members of current NCCC members. The "kid" can be a child, grandchild, niece or nephew but must be under the age of 16. A membership application is in each issue of Blue Bars. NCCC Club Governors & Regional Membership Directors also have applications. You may also print our on-line application, enclose the one-time $10 fee and mail it to address on the form.

WHAT DO FCOA KIDS GET? New FCOA members receive a membership packet similar to what the adult NCCC members get but aimed at kids. Included is a personalized welcome letter, FCOA patch, FCOA membership card plus a variety of stickers, pins, postcards and other items supplied by companies that support the FCOA Program. Every member receives an annual membership packet of "goodies".  

The FCOA newsletter is sent out several times each year. It is divided into sections for different age groups. It has games, puzzles, pictures to color and articles that make learning about Corvette history a fun experience. We also try to have a special item for FCOA kids registered in the NCCC Convention Youth Program. There are special activities for children of all ages as a part of every NCCC Convention.

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